Saturday, September 17, 2005

Herbs plantations. I have some agriculture land near N. Delhi. I am interested in planting some good-return crops. Some one suggested me about some herbs. But then some other people warned me that there would be difficulty in selling them at some profit.

Can any one suggest me.

Use of agriculture chemicals, which may include insecticides, fungicides, pesticides and of course chemical fertilizers such as popular Urea and DAP. Many researches have shown / proven that these chemicals are harmful for humans. Their molecules enter into human life chains, through pollution of water, seeds, crops we eat, etc... And create harmful effects.

In a lay man language, they damage our life building blocks and make changes of long term resonance in humans.

Why do we still use them. Is our intelligence working against our bigger picture of humankind ?

It appears that these chemicals are a necessary evil.

Can we live without these essential chemicals which our other researchers have been working so hard on. What will happen to the farms and crops and eventually the poor farmers who invest all their limited resources and labour on these farms. Unfortunately, which is quite often, insects or pests damage the farms. We have to kill them so as to survive in this present. By use of these chemicals we are endangering the future but what of the present.

Our researchers and industry should invest more on the herbal and bio friendly alternates so that the need of these chemicals by itself is abolished. No one can abolish the use of chemicals till then.

Organic farming is a solution but for a limited few. In India where most of the farmers are very poor and would hardly make experiments with their lives.

Many chemicals are available for sale at many internet sites such as More eco-friendly alternates should be registered at these sites and also promoted.